Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Morning!

Little Jenny offered to keep me company while I had my morning coffee. The only problem is that Jenny seems to like my new coffee cup as much as I do.


After a little rest, our person took us outside. There are lots of trees and a lake right in our front yard. This looks like a great place for exploring and maybe meeting some other animals. We've already seen a lot of birds, some squirrels and a chipmunk. I think we are going to like it here.

Our Arrival!

We arrived at our new MN home Thursday afternoon. Our traveling accommodations weren’t ideal; a small cardboard box makes for a dark and sometimes bumpy journey. Being tucked into our comfy travel bags helped a lot, but we were more than ready to get out and move around when our box was finally opened. We were greeted by a nosey black cat and later discovered that two more live in that house. Jenny was a little nervous about the fact that we will be living in a house with three cats, but I told her that I’ll always be there to take care of her.
Our box is opened!

Hi! I'm Grabel!

And here is Jenny!

Home at last!

Monday, November 2, 2009

News Flash! Update!

Grabel Bainbridge in Ohio (Craggy Moor photo)

Little Jenny is still in Ohio. She won't be leaving all of her Craggy Moor friends behind after all. Grabel, the totally irresistible bear, will be coming to live in Minnesota, too. Being part polar bear, he should adapt well to our cold weather. Here is a photo of my two little sweeties together after Grabel received the news of his adoption:

They look so happy together. They will be leaving Ohio tomorrow on their journey to their new home. I am so thrilled that both are coming to live with me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Jenny Woolmouse

Jenny Woolmouse while still in her Ohio home (Craggy Moor photo)

Very, very soon, sweet little Jenny Woolmouse will be arriving at her new home in the Minnesota northwoods. Will she like it here? I am hoping so and will do all that I can to make her feel welcome and comfortable with her new family and home.

She will be leaving behind all her Craggy Moor friends including her brother, Henley, who is moving to California. She will be able to keep in touch with them right here with her own personal blog and also through the Craggy Moor Bears at Home group on Flickr: